© 2017 Pocket Projects
Designed by studioKALEIDO

N° 11 is an unassuming yet intricate architectural tapestry weaving old and new, interior and exterior, via intriguing structural threads. Featuring a raw, pared down back-to-basics aesthetic, No.11 also provides occupants winning opportunities for full engagement with the tropical environment.

Sitting comfortably side by side, the old part of the house and new part of the house visually regard each other across an open central courtyard. The two structures are knit together by a central staircase comprising of thin steel bridges stretching from one level to the next, criss-crossing the courtyard space. As such, occupants pass through the old and new parts of the house in alternate fashion as one traverses this staircase.

The intertwining staircases act as a series of metal bridges—some straight, some curved, some kinked. The staircase balustrades are crafted from industrial mesh. Each flight is covered by a metal roof, upon which planters will be installed for plants, calling to mind a contemporary, scaled down Hanging Gardens.

The central courtyard features granite pavers and is shaded in part by the ascending metal bridges, making for a quiet chill spot. The entire courtyard is also protected by retractable awning in case of heavy rains.

The kitchen, in the new section at the rear, is sunk by 50cm below ground level. Along the full length of the kitchen runs a planter, which is open to the sky. Enjoy close proximity to the environment and views of greenery as you prepare meals or dine.

The old section has been lovingly restored, with preserved timber floors and joists, soaring ceiling heights and huge rooms. Care has also been taken to preserve old breeze blocks embedded in the existing party wall.

In contrast, the new rear comprises of a stack of small rooms, glassed on all four walls, surrounded by little terraces on each level. Ceilings and floors in the rear block will be of polished concrete, accented with coloured cabinetry. Fully opening the rooms’ glass panels allows free flow of air and a sense of openness. Surrounded by terraces, upon which plants can be placed, one could wake up surrounded by lush greenery, refreshed.