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Linghao Architects

➊ Our proposal relates the front existing conserved block with sides of half flight level for the rear addition. In the middle, a stairwell circulates around the front and rear.

➋ The existing shophouse terrace space of a long, tall and enclosed interior to the front is contrasted and complemented with a series of smaller glass walled rooms surrounded by little terraces on different levels.

➌ If the usual shophouse terrace type is of continuous level floors, this design seeks to make a more vertically connected by relating the building at half levels. There is a more intimate interaction within the building as compared to purely separate levels.

➍ We suggest that it is a significant idea to be developed for the terrace housing type in making for a closer and dynamic section. For a building width of 6m, the possibilities of innovative thinking would lie in the vertical section. In this scenario, where the front is a conserved 2 storey building of overall envelope height of approximately 11800mm, there is an attempt o consider the possibilities of a rear addition that would be appropriate based on the ways of living.

➎ The building type of half levels is prevalent in, for example, the old quarters of Shanghai.  There the density is matched by a precision and compactness of interior layout both in plan and section that is experientially both exciting and useful to this date.