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Designed by studioKALEIDO

N° 13 is a Zen-esque oasis where clean lines meet a muted palette of whites and greys.

Care has been taken to preserve the old timber floorboards, joists and peephole.

Centred around a 4-storey light well overlaid by a glass and steel trellis, N° 13 enjoys
much natural light and ventilation. Occupants are able to look up at a large piece of the sky, whilst fully-sheltered and protected from the elements.

A large pond, which spans almost the full width of the shophouse, also reflects the sky as seen through the glass trellis overhead. With the benefit of full sunlight, there is much potential here to create a lush floating landscape with aquatic plants such as water lilies.

An island kitchen divides the living room and dining room. The latter is sited next to
the pond, where diners can enjoy contemplative views of the water, making for an ideal entertainment space.

An elegant study in juxtaposition is also presented: a suspended, angular steel spiral staircase hovers over the kitchen, contrasting with the heavy, sensual curves of the red dragon-esque steel spiral staircase above the pond, in the void of the light well.

A large, open roof terrace lies in wait at the top of the sculptural spiral stairs—the perfect setting for residents to install a luxurious, standalone jacuzzi, or simply, to take in the surrounding rooftop views awash in the sunset.