© 2017 Pocket Projects
Designed by studioKALEIDO

N° 15 is an exercise in careful sculpting of space from massing, where modern sophistication meets the preservation of tradition.

Old timber boards, joists and the peephole have been preserved. The conservation front portion housing the living room swiftly opens up into the dining room, a massive, double height volume space with an angled feature ceiling. Conceived as a ‘living gallery’, the wide walls of the dining room are suitable for large art pieces, whilst the tall heights accommodate grand installation pieces. This creates the intimate sensation of dining in an art gallery—the one place in which food and drink has always been strictly forbidden.

The feature stairwell is canyon-like, irregularly shaped, sculptural. Created by large slanted walls, with windows allowing surrounding rooms to look in, it is lit naturally via a large skylight at the top.

The entire rear block above the dining space has been twisted at an angle, and the rooms above hover over this void. Most bedrooms are designed with double height ceilings; all have adequate natural light to feel bright and airy. The introduction of pocket garden spaces throughout the house also ensures most rooms have a view of or a peek at some greenery.

A bathroom shower opens up into an unbarred, yet private garden space, as well as a roof terrace with surrounding views all the way to Marina Bay Sands.

The simplicity of white finishings abound in this unit, with stylish contemporary details keeping things interesting—laser cut patterned screens for the rear windows, geometrically-patterned dark granite paving for the dining room/gallery.