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Ong Ker-Shing Architects

The design for the home at 15 Lorong 24a, Geylang, is a unique combination of home and gallery.  Designed for an art collection, it will provide a high-specification environment for the display of painting, installation, and sculpture.  The unique nature of this proposal concerns the way in which these programs are combined—rather than separating the functions of the house and the gallery, the design brings programs such as living and dining into close contact with art at all points.  It is less a home with art, and more an art gallery for inhabitation.

An important feature of this design is the addition of a “living gallery” and bedrooms at the rear of the existing shophouse.  This is designed in a striking massing, such that the bedrooms appear to be suspended above the Living Gallery.  A feature bedroom is fitted with windows, such that it can look down on the gallery from above.

To this end, the interior and rear extensions have been designed according to the requirements for the display of both historical and contemporary art.