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Designed by studioKALEIDO

ZARCH collaboratives

“How should our new building interact with the old shophouse?”

In searching for an answer to the above question, we arrived at a decision to simply sit the new next to the old, because the old should be appreciated and the new should be welcomed.

The first floor which houses the public functions of this residence, is a continuous series of spaces that runs through to the back.  A few matters past the entry, a spiral staircase that extends to the topmost floor quickly provides a re-orientation along the vertical axis.  Thus upon entry, one can immediately sense the scale of the shop-house, comprehending it in terms of its depth and its height.

Up the spiral staircase onto the second floor, a bridge leads you to the back of the residence which houses the new wing. Being a composition of boxes stacked one above the other, it reflects the modernized typology in which most of our city dwellers now exists in.

However, slight adjustments to the sizing and the stacking of the boxes allowed the insertion of its sheltered terrace and the creation of a double height volume with large openings.  Both instances, drew the inside to the outside, establishing between the old shop-house and new spaces visual connection and physical proximity.

To sum up, we will like our design intervention to be perceived as such,

“The old and the new share a common ground.

On it, they sit comfortably next to each other.”