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Designed by studioKALEIDO

HYLA Architects

Giving a breath of fresh air to the old, the conservation and extension of No.19 showcases the engagement of contemporary design sensibilities with the uniqueness of the shophouse archetype.

The main building
Beyond its ornate façade, the main building houses the living and dining room on the first floor, two bedrooms on the second floor, and
a third bedroom on a new mezzanine floor.
A spiral staircase with stainless steel checkered plate steps gently spirals up along a skewed central axis, serving as vertical circulation. As sunlight penetrates through the newly-constructed jackroof, the staircase exudes an ephemeral feel as light filters through.

The rear extension
Except for the full-height French windows on the second floor, design of the rear extension is kept minimal. With one new bedroom on each floor of the extension, the house now has a total of five distinct bedrooms and a creation of a transitional space between the main building and the extension.

The in-between
Naturally lit and ventilated, a pond and a double volume airwell along one side of the house discreetly separate the main building and the new extension. On the other side, the kitchen on the first floor opens to the pond while a curvaceous screen hides bathrooms on the second floor. Giving function to the otherwise transitional space, the in-between becomes a destination itself, enriching the experience of a seamless home.