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Designed by studioKALEIDO

A play on lightness/transparency and a motif of connectedness permeate N° 9.

The historically-rich façade has been carefully preserved, as have been the old timber floor boards—supplemented where necessary with beautiful, authentic timber from kelongs.

The ground floor of the house is centred around a pond in conjunction with a reintroduced central airwell which allows natural airflow and connects occupants with the environment as it ‘rains in the living room’. Care has been taken to ensure that the rain water is contained within the pool, with the rest of the space remaining dry. Surrounding wooden decking invites al fresco dining and pool parties, within the comfort of one’s own living space.

The main staircase—hung on steel rods, made of perforated metal—preserves lightness,
as one is able to see through it down to the pool. A small terrace links the front and rear of the house on the second level, ensuring flexibillty and privacy for both shared tenancy or
an entire family. This airy verandah overlooks the pool, and adjacent planters can be maximised to introduce lush foliage into the void, where natural rainfall passes through
into the pool below.