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Live and share with other professionals in an unparalleled social experience where you live and work – in a one-of-a-kind heritage shophouse no less. A pilot concept, our home offers you and only up to 6 other professionals the perfect enclave to rest, work and connect with like-minded individuals. Located in a colourful urban area rich in cultural and built heritage,


  commute remains convenient with amazing local food greeting you at every turn. Enjoy living in a 20th century Heritage Shophouse, in private or shared rooms, with an open-concept dream kitchen and a stunning award-winning architecture of over 800 sq meters of common areas.   Chill out patio on the top floor and enjoy bi-weekly cleaning services and communal supplies.


The rules have changed. At The Shophouse Series, we firmly believe that a home is more than just a place of rest. The premier co-living space for professionals in Singapore,


  NOOK @ The Shophouse Series understands that working and learning aren’t limited to just the confines of the four walls of your cubicle space.   To learn more about Unit 9 Click Here