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Live and share with other professionals in an unparalleled social experience where you live and work – in a one-of-a-kind heritage shophouse no less.

A pilot concept, our home offers you and only up to 6 other professionals the perfect enclave to rest, work and connect with like-minded individuals. Located in a colourful urban area rich in cultural and built heritage,


  commute remains convenient with amazing local food greeting you at every turn.

Enjoy living in a 20th century Heritage Shophouse, in private or shared rooms, with an open-concept dream kitchen and a stunning award-winning architecture of over 800 sq meters of common areas.
  Chill out patio on the top floor and enjoy bi-weekly cleaning services and communal supplies.


Unit 15. The Gallery

Conceived as a ‘living gallery’, N° 15 is an exercise in careful sculpting of space from massing, where modern sophistication meets the preservation of tradition. Most bedrooms are designed with double height ceilings; all have adequate natural light to feel bright and airy.
  Unit 13. Elements

Elements features lovingly-preserved Peranakan flooring which leads you past the door way an into our stunning island kitchen, a key feature of the shophouse. However, the pièce de résistance will definitely be the red dragon-esque steel spiral staircase in the void of the light well.
  Unit 11. Serenity

Inspired by acclaimed Japanese Architect Tadao Ando, Serenity features a raw, pared down back-to-basics aesthetic. Sitting comfortably side by side, the old part of the house and new part of the house visually regard each other across an open central courtyard and high lofty ceilings.
Unit 09. Eden

A play on lightness/transparency and a motif of connectedness permeate N° 9. Eden is an expansive event space with plenty of natural lighting, lovely water feature, and high ceilings.


- Live in an award-winning 20th century Heritage Shophouse

- Fibre Optic Enabled Wifi Connection

- Over 1,200 sq ft of living room space

- Chill-out patio on the top floor

- Shared open-concept dream kitchen (fully equipped)


  - Communal Laundry Space with Washing Machine, Dryer and Ironing Board

- Coffee Machines for artisanal brews

- Immaculately designed private rooms

- Over 500 sq ft of personal space

- Fibre-Optic Enabled Wifi Connection

  - Enhanced Security with Digital Locks for each room

- All bedroom comes with en-suite bathroom

- Bedroom comes with a built in kitchen*

- Shared Gym Area / Nearby to Jalan Besar Sports Complex*

* Applies to Petain Road Units Only



To learn more about co-living and our shophouses please feel free to contact us